Information in English


Sorry, our homepage is not in English, but we have translated some of our documents in English and we hope that this will be helpful for you.

For a first overview you should have a look on this presentations:


    Energy management in the city council of Frankfurt

    Energy controlling in the city council of Frankfurt

    Masterplan 100 % Climate Protection


Here you find our MS Excel tool to calculate the energy performance certificate:


    Energy performance certificate


In addition you find our guidelines for economic building, which show the quality standard of our buildings:


    Guidelines for economic building

    Checklist Guidelines for economic building

    Passive house resolution


The life cycle cost calculation is a MS Excel tool which is very usefull for the economic optimization of buildings:

    Life cycle cost calculation: notes

    Life cycle cost calculation: forms

    Life cycle cost calculation: example

    Life cycle cost calculation: help sheets


Here you find some further information about one of our passive house school and our lighting standard in Frankfurt:


    Planning and construction of the passive house school Riedberg

    Best practice for lighting in Frankfurt schools (contribution for IEEC 2006)


If you need more information, feel free to contact us:


    Organization chart of Energy Management Department


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