Titel: Image bar Energy management - Beschreibung: The picture bar illustrates everyday life in energy management. It shows a doorplate with the organization code, a thermometer, a section of a keyboard, a section of an energy certificate and a person wearing a helmet.


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Titel: Flag United Kingdom - Beschreibung: Flag United KingdomAs early as 1990, the City of Frankfurt a.M. committed itself to significantly reducing energy consumption and thus carbon dioxide emissions by joining the Climate Alliance of European Cities. In order to achieve this goal in the area of its own properties, the Energy Management Department was set up in 1991, which is now part of the Office of Building and Real Estate (Amt für Bau und Immobilien). This department is tasked with minimizing electricity, heating energy and water costs for the approximately 1,000 city-owned properties with about 2 million m² of net floor space. These include such diverse types of buildings as schools, daycare centers, swimming pools, sports facilities, administrative buildings, museums, fire stations, municipal stages, the zoo and the Palmengarten.


Since 2007, all new buildings and renovations of municipal buildings have been carried out using “passive house” construction parts (i.e. NZEB compatible) and all roofs have been designed to accommodate photovoltaic systems. Since 2018, all new buildings and roof renovations of municipal buildings have been equipped with the largest possible photovoltaic system. Since 2021, photovoltaics are combined with green roofs as a matter of principle.


In 2022, energy and water costs of around €46.9 million were incurred for these properties. Of this amount, approximately €19.3 million were spent on electricity, approximately €21.9 million on heating energy, and approximately €5.8 million on water and sewer discharge. Since 1990, specific electricity consumption has been reduced by an average of 17%, despite the rapid increase in technical equipment, particularly in the IT sector. Specific heating energy consumption fell by 38 % during this period, specific water consumption by as much as 63 % and specific carbon dioxide emissions by 50 %. In order to achieve the goals of the energy and climate protection concept of the city and the federal government (reduction by 10 % every 5 years, climate neutrality by 2035), significantly increased efforts will be necessary in the future.


For a first overview you should have a look on this presentations:


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Here you find our MS Excel tool to calculate the energy performance certificate:


·    Energy performance certificate


In addition you find our guidelines for economic building, which show the quality standard of our buildings:


·    Guidelines for economic building

·    Checklist Guidelines for economic building

·    Passive house resolution


The life cycle cost calculation is a MS Excel tool which is very usefull for the economic optimization of buildings:


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·    Life cycle cost calculation: forms

·    Life cycle cost calculation: example

·    Life cycle cost calculation: help sheets


Here you find some further information about one of our passive house school and our lighting standard in Frankfurt:


·    Planning and construction of the passive house school Riedberg

·    Best practice for lighting in Frankfurt schools (contribution for IEEC 2006)

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